With over 40 years of counselling experience between us we know that the influence of race, gender, sexual orientation and culture affects the way that every individual experiences his/her world. We always endeavour to respect this and to value personal differences.

Individual Therapy - Susan Archer

The counselling process is very different from talking to family & friends. My training gives me objectivity when listening & finding ways of helping you. I may challenge your perceptions & offer a more objective viewpoint. These challenges, though, are made in the context of a supportive and trusting relationship. It is not my job to offer advice or make decisions for you; rather to help you make your own, new decisions.

Where it’s relevant, we might explore your past & childhood to see how those experiences affect & influence present behaviour. Understanding & coming to terms with the past helps us move forward & make informed choices about how we behave & relate to others. If your focus is more on the present, we would look at negative thought processes & practices but any such techniques are always offered as suggestions & only introduced if you feel comfortable with them.

My aim is to help you understand your life & motivations better & to develop the ‘tools’ to manage not only present difficulties, but also those which might arise in the future.

Couples Therapy - Louise Rawlins

My approach is based on psychodynamic theory but over the years I have developed an eclectic style that means I am able to draw on differing theories to personalize the therapy to meet the needs of individual clients.

At the sessions we will explore the issues that are concerning you and try to understand what they mean and how they might relate to other events in your life. Couples often use the relationship to work things through that have been painful or traumatic in the past.

You can come with your partner or alone. I also work with people who are ending a marriage, civil partnership or a long term relationship. Counselling can help people going through this painful process to overcome emotional difficulties and develop the confidence to rebuild their lives.

Co-Joint Therapy

We offer a unique form of couples and marriage counselling that involves having a two therapist team working with you as a couple. By working in this way, each member of the couple has strong support to address both individual concerns and relationship (or interpersonal) concerns.



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We adhere to the BACP and COSRT code of ethics and practice.